A quick starter for Organizations and SQA professionals to gear up for the Quality Assurance challenges in the Software Industry.

It offers overview of entire spectrum of topics relating to SQA and provides the Best Practices of the software Industry.

Who should attend

  • SQA Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Middle Management

Learning objectives

  • Understand basic concepts of Quality
  • How to introduce Quality in an Organization
  • Understand the steps to achieve Quality objectives
  • Best Practices of Industry for Quality Assurance procedure,
  • Policies and Artifacts for Quality Assurance)

Course Contents

Understanding Basic Concepts of Quality

  • Basic Definitions
  • Background Concepts
  • Objectives of SQA
  • Elements of SQA

Step-wise Guide to Introduce Quality in an Organization

  • Getting the Buy-in from Stakeholders
  • Laying down the Foundations (Setting Goals and Objectives)
  • How to place QA department within your Organization
  • Chalking out your Software Quality Program

Starting your Quality Program Implementation

  • Aligning your Software Quality Program with your Process Model
  • Creating a Standard Operating Procedure using Best Practices
  • Introducing Software Configuration Management

Implementing Quality Assurance – Standardizing your QA Process 

  • Implementing Quality Assurance through Process (ISO, CMMI)

Implementing Quality Control – Validation & Verification

  • Quality Control through Reviews / Inspections
  • Quality Control through Testing

Measure the Results using Metrics – Moving to Continual Improvement

  • Software Quality Metrics
  • How measurements leads to Improvement

Course Duration

02 Full days

Course fee

Rs. 20,000/-